Psychological Tests in Employment Recruitment Processes

Recruitment Processes

The HR department for a company should be capable of hiring the best candidates as hiring and training both requires time and money for the company. There are several psychological tests created by experts that can help in keeping the turnover to a minimum. These tests ensure the best candidature for the roles that companies look for. These tests are not only useful for hiring but also for monitoring the suitability of the hired employees time and again.

Importance of psychological tests

The psychological tests that are available today can help the HR department make informed hiring decisions. Several companies use the help of independent hiring agencies to find employees for suitable roles. These independent agencies have their own criteria and tests to determine the eligibility of candidates. These tests keep the selection process unbiased and determine the ability of potential employees. The candidates who clear these tests are able to find the candidates who will be able to work under stressful situations and handle their job effectively.


Benefits of psychological tests

The psychological tests help the companies to maintain their lawful requirements for an employee and help them reduce the risk of being sued. The HR company can also use these tests to reduce the number of problem employees. They can be useful for jobs that require high-stress factors such as law enforcement, medical field, stocks, etc. The tests can find out whether the candidate will be able to deal with the stress for a longer period. It will save the cost of high employee turnover while also keeping the company from adding more inefficient employees.

How reliable are the psychological tests

While psychological tests can be effective at determining the reliability of a candidate or an employee at once, it is never completely valid or reliable. They are as good as any medical tests that need to be done time after time. A proper psychological test requires a series of tests as a single test cannot always provide more accurate results for any candidate. Two tests can contradict each other. Therefore, we require more tests to form a decision based on which results occur more often.

psychological tests

Are these psychological tests legal

Psychological tests are considered legal, provided that the tests are offered by professional organizations that are approved by psychologists. The candidates must be informed about these tests before participating in any of the company procedures. The employees must get the choice to take these tests. Terminating an employee who refuses to take a psychological test can put the company under a lawsuit for breaching the privacy of the employee. The tests that are meant to reveal the medical issues of an employee, such as manic depression or schizophrenia, are also limited under the law to protect an employee from revealing any such disabilities.

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