Seminaari: How Can You Select More Safety Prone Employees or Improve Safety Behaviors in Your Staff? 


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How Can You Select More Safety Prone Employees or Improve Safety Behaviors in Your Staff?

Time: Friday 21st of September 2018 at 8.00-10.00.
Place: The Swedish Embassy, Pohjoisesplanadi 7A, Helsinki

The seminar starts at 8.00 and the seminar is free of charge.

Each year accidents at work cause unnecessary human misery and financial consequences for businesses. Accidents are caused by unsafe work behavior, which is often unintentional.
What if you could improve your workers’ safety awareness and safety behavior on the job?

Regardless of which industry you are working in there are several generic safety hazards to take into account within your organization. Falls and other accidents related to machines, power sources and are just a few examples of these kind of hazards. scales.

To help you gain knowledge of how to work with safety related behaviors within your organization Asessio has invited Mr. Zsolt Feher from Hogan to talk about their SafeSystem. Hogan’s SafeSystem uses personality assessment to evaluate workers to suggest where a person needs to focus attention in order to be or to remain safe at work. You can identify safety-minded candidates, focus and improve training, and recognize and repair safety-related gaps in your organizational culture in a safety-critical work environment.

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Assessio and Hogan Assessments warmly welcomes you to the seminar!

 Pär Cederholm
Psychologist & CEO
Tove Sundquist
Psychologist & Consultant
Zsolt Feher
Managing Director of Hogan Europe

Assessio is proud to be collaborating with Hogan Assessment Systems who are renowned as one of the premier authorities in personality assessment. They provide a robust product line that transforms psychometric assessment questions into results with predictive power for your talent management needs

Hogan provides hard-hitting solutions to problems that every business, big or small, must overcome to be successful. We help you decide which candidate is best-suited for the job, and how to build strong, effective teams, develop individuals and maximize productivity across the organization.

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Tove Sundquist
Telephone: +46 76 050 64 08 / + 358 40 672 1905

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