Charisma is over-rated


We’ve all heard the phrase “everything is best in moderation”. According to a recent study by Jasmine Vergauwe, Bart Wille, Joeri Hofmans, Robert B. Kaiser, and Filip De Fruyt published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, this is particularly appropriate when applied to the relationship between charisma and leader effectiveness.

Using data from the Hogan Development Survey, the study found that managers with moderate levels of charisma balance strategic thinking with operational focus, and this translates into effective leadership. The study also shows that managers who lack charisma also lack the strategic tendencies needed to be effective, whereas highly charismatic managers lack the attention to operational issues needed to be effective.

This study supports a long-held Hogan tenet: Charisma is over-rated. Although charismatic managers tend to stand out and be noticed, effective managers are more versatile and balance strategic thinking against operational necessity. When they need to identify future leaders, organizations are best advised to rely on well validated assessment methods as opposed to personal impressions.

Click here to read CNN’s coverage of the study, or follow this link to access the full study.

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